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High-rise Streetscape, Atlanta Focus group Architect plans Urban high-rise, bar House on Bay Marsh

Strategic Services

Demand-driven real estate projects begin with a sound strategic foundation. Rymer Strategies can help you develop and implement insightful marketing plans, with strategic services to guide every phase of your development / company.


Strategic Planning & Positioning Services for Homebuilders and Developers

Our approach combines analysis of consumer trends and market metrics with the physical attributes of the land parcel / operational entity. We translate existing environment into a vision of the future, a defined direction and program map for attainment.


Phase I

  • Collect data/assess current market conditions and cyclical considerations
  • Analyze in detail market trends, customer demographics, underserved and saturated market segments and other relevant factors

Phase II

  • Provide insight into projected markets/competitive environment
  • Evaluate risks/opportunities that may impact future market conditions

Phase III

  • Outline your desired positioning
  • Identify obstacles and process/system opportunities
  • Create action plans and timelines to achieve your goals