Consumer Research

We are a leading provider of real estate consumer research services in the US today. We believe that knowing what's selling and where is only the beginning of thorough research. By understanding who’s buying and why we can identify unmet market needs or oversupplied aspects of the market. Our clients can quickly adjust their positioning to take advantage of a changing marketplace. Rymer Strategies offers a full range of research services that provide a rich source of marketing information to guide your strategic planning.

Focus Groups

  • LIVE STREAMING — All focus groups are streamed live. Watch from the convenience of your office or your living room. No need to fly across country or drive across town to view participant feedback.
  • Our system also provides clients with real time remote access to the moderator to suggest questions or dig deeper on a particular subject.
  • 24 / 7 ACCESS TO PRIOR SESSIONS — All focus-group videos are archived for 24/7 access, password protected for each client.
  • CONCLUSIONS AND RECOMMENDATIONS — All sessions are reviewed via video tape and include a formalized Conclusions and Recommendations Summary.
  • Finesse and sensitivity to uncover hidden biases and perceptions
  • Facilitator with extensive real estate knowledge
  • Extreme care to recruit participants who fit your targeted profile

Website Usability Studies for Homebuilders and Developers

  • Details how your customers use your website
  • Provides information on what they trying to find and how long did it take them to find it?
  • What they like about your site?
  • Where they get confused?
  • What's missing that they want to see.

Online Surveys

  • Quickly and cost-effectively engage today’s new home shoppers in critical areas of feedback. Provides flexibility with geo-targeting, income qualification, etc.
  • Core measures include:
    • Product suitability
    • Company perception
    • Consumer behavior
    • Company awareness
    • Customer satisfaction
    • Company loyalty
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