Operational Sales & Marketing Services

Success in sales and marketing for homebuilders and developers requires both sound strategies and operational finesse. Rymer Strategies can help you identify appropriate tactics, assess performance and improve customer satisfaction.

Sales & Marketing Audits

A valuable service when homebuilders or land developers believe they are receiving less than their fair share of sales or obtaining below market pricing. As an independent third party, we provide comprehensive analysis of sales & marketing operations to pin point opportunities for better performance / higher sales & pricing.

Digital Marketing Strategies for Homebuilders and Developers

In this fast-changing environment, yesterday's solutions can be tomorrows under-achiever. We provide clarity, goals and metric-based approach to best allocating your budget and defining success. Specific areas of oversight include:

  • E-marketing budgeting
  • Conversion benchmarks
  • Pay-per-click strategies
  • Retargeting strategies & spend
  • AdWords budgeting & spend
  • Organic search word optimization
  • E-blast campaigns
  • Web conversion targets and analytics

Interim Sales Management

Turnover in sales management for homebuilders and developers is rarely "seamless." Rymer Strategies provides interim sale management solutions, sales training, evaluation of current staff, assistance in recruiting new management and overhaul of existing procedures during management transitions.

Marketing Plans

Rymer Strategies creates insightful marketing plans that provide a detailed roadmap for achieving desired sales goals. We look at the total scope and time-line of your project to develop the most effective community marketing strategy, based on:

  • Solidifying overall marketing goals
  • Determining all marketing vehicles available and their anticipated impact
  • Prioritizing vehicles according to what your organization does best
  • Creating a timeline that integrates all marketing activities for maximum impact

Sales Staffing & Compensation Programs

Optimizing sales staffing and compensation is crucial to the success of every project. High turnover is a double hit - it's expensive and negatively impacts customer satisfaction. Yet overcompensation impacts profitability and often creates complacency among the sales force.

Experienced in all types of compensation programs, Rymer Strategies can create a customized compensation strategy to fit your objectives as well as the demands of your market.

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