Real Estate Market Feasibility Studies

Real estate feasibility studies typically focus on current sales activity for nearby developments in such areas as product mix, parcel density, lot size segmentation, pricing and projected sales pace. While these factors are essential inputs, insight in forward looking trends such as unmet market niches and demographic disparities offer the added ingredients to most accurately predict future results. Our process focusing on unmet market opportunities that can provide value-added positioning in context of local market norms or averages. Our goal is to maximize the sales and profit potential of each parcel.

  • Pricing and Sales Projection Market Studies
    This analysis demonstrates “fair share” sales and projected pricing of your real estate. In additional we provide insights into undersupplied segments of the market as well as relative strengths and weaknesses of the site within the sub market.   
  • Master-Planned Community Positioning Analysis
    Provides in-depth analysis of existing and projected buyer profiles and matches results to (1) targeted competitor communities and (2) Inherent strengths and weaknesses of the specific land parcel within the marketplace. The result is a roadmap to achieving more your real estate’s “fair share” while providing a backdrop to incremental sales opportunities within the market.  
  • Master-Planned Community Segmentation Analysis
    This analysis details projected product mix by homesite size, home price, product type and buyer demographic. The exercise creates a product & pricing ladder that shows a fair share product positioning for each product type as well as opportunities for incremental sales via under-served market segments. The goal is to create a product mix that maximizes the sales and profit potential of the land parcel.   
  • Site Selection Market Analysis
    Segments metro markets by geography, price points and buyer profiles to identify optimal sub-markets and potential market share opportunities.
  • Crystal Lagoons Impact on Real Estate
    Provides case study analysis of community premiums and sales absorption premiums impacted by the addition of a Crystal Lagoons as part of community amenities. Also provides insight into Crystal Lagoons demand by buyer profiles.  
  • Metro Market Residential Analysis
    Provides overview and trends for individual metro markets. Details trends in sales velocity, new home pricing, existing home pricing, inventory levels, job creation, unemployment rates and compares to the national and state metrics. By focusing on net migration of demographic groups, the analysis details the strength and likely ability to either out-perform or under-perform the real estate market for the remainder of the market cycle.
  • Master-Planned Community Amenity Studies  
    Identifies local demand for community amenities. In addition to measuring demand by “desired amenities” our analysis focuses on “Amenity’s likely impact on choosing the community where you would live.” Our studies also detail differences between “impact amenities – i.e. those that define the community, vs. those that are expected but do little to distinguish the community from its competitors.  
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