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10 Traits of a New Home Sales Superstar

Posted On: September 1, 2010 | Categories: Articles

All builders look for sales superstars, yet few companies are consistently able to make great sales hires. Here are 10 traits to look for when recruiting your next sales professional....

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Fundamentals Trending Toward Housing Uptick

Posted On: March 12, 2010 | Categories: Articles

No one needs to ask John Rymer how much he knows about real estate. He’s proven time and again it’s a lot. Rymer has made many rounds in the overall market, amassing more than $9 billion worth of sales — $5 billion in corporate roles at companies such as Morrison Homes and Jack Nickla us Comm u nities, and another $4 billion as a consultant. Now based in Tampa, Rymer has some ideas on when and how the local real estate market will turn around....

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Revitalize Your Sales

Posted On: October 1, 2009 | Categories: Articles

As any first-year economics student can tell you, when the U.S. is producing 1.45 million new annual households and starting only about 600,000 new homes, eventually things get out of sync and more new-home activity will soon follow. While picking a date to declare the bottom of the current housing cycle is a fool's game, it's fair to say that in the not-too-distant future, new-home activity is going to increase substantially. The question is, to whom go the spoils as the market begins to expand?...

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10 Tips for a Better Web Site Redesign

Posted On: February 1, 2007 | Categories: Articles

In this day and age, there's more to redesigning a Web site than adding pretty pictures. If your Web site is easy to navigate, has current, up-to-date information and you get multiple e-mail leads each day, you might feel good about it. But if you think you are ready to take a breather, think again. Forward-thinking builders are already introducing the next generation of Web sites. How do you measure up?...

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Full Participation Selling

Posted On: January 1, 2007 | Categories: Articles

Do you have an established standard for your sales presentations? Not a fixed minimum score on a shopping evaluation, or an acceptable grade on a role play, but one you require of every sales associate every day. Read on to find out why you should....

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TND Retail Analysis

Posted On: January 1, 2007 | Categories: Articles

"Will this home turn out to be a smart purchase when I get ready to resell?" It's a major concern for virtually every home buyer, and the question looms especially large in traditional neighborhood design (TND) communities. The concept is so new to most consumers that they wonder whether it's merely a fad that will have passed when they're ready to sell, devaluing the premium they pay in TND neighborhoods today....

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Upside-Down Marketing

Posted On: April 1, 2005 | Categories: Articles

For most home builders, marketing meetings begin with an ad agency presenting new concepts for newspaper ads, magazine ads, or maybe an outdoor billboard campaign. Chances are most of the meeting is spent discussing various headlines, which photos to use, copy points and the size of the location map. There may even be time to review recent sales traffic from ads and make a comparison to last month's and/or last year's results. If this sounds familiar, it's time to re-prioritize your marketing attention and turn your marketing program "upside down."...

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